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We tackle each hair with a tiny thread, ensuring sharp, clean results without the mess or fuss. It's the beauty of hair removal made simple and effective.

Eyebrows - $18

Upper Lip - $10

Chin - $15

Full Face - $55

Precision Perfected: Threading offers unparalleled precision, allowing for meticulous shaping and detailing, ensuring a tailored and natural look.


Gentle Elegance: Unlike waxing, threading doesn't involve harsh chemicals or hot substances. It's a gentle technique that minimizes skin irritation and is suitable for sensitive skin.


No Sticky Residue: Forget about sticky post-wax residues. Threading leaves no residue behind, providing a clean finish without the need for additional products.


Ideal for Facial Areas: Threading is particularly adept at handling smaller, delicate areas, making it the preferred choice for facial hair removal, including eyebrows and upper lip.


Minimal Skin Contact: With threading, there's minimal contact with the skin, reducing the chances of irritation or damage, making it a comfortable and low-risk hair removal method.


Defined Results: Threading allows for precise control over the hair removal process, ensuring that each hair is targeted, resulting in a more defined and polished outcome.


Choose threading for a refined, precise, and gentle approach to hair removal that leaves you with beautifully sculpted and natural-looking results.

Why Threading?

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