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Woman Having Lip Botox


Whether you're looking to soften lines or add a subtle lift, injectables and fillers are your partners in achieving a naturally refreshed and rejuvenated look.

Wrinkle Relaxers

FDA-approved and clinically proven to treat frown lines and wrinkles that have formed over time due to muscle contractions beneath the skin

Xeomin $12 per unit

Botox $14 per unit

Cheek Filler

Treat the cheeks/cheekbones to add a fuller, more defined look. It can last up to 12 months.

$750 per syringe

Lip Filler

Lip Filler uses a dermal filler to add shape and volume, price includes numbing.

When booking your appointment, please keep in mind that there should be at least 4 weeks in between Lip Filler injections, also note we do NOT do half syringes or save syringes for later use.

$650+ per session

Lip Flip

Neurotoxin is injected into muscles to allow more "lip show", most noticeable when smiling.

$100 per session

Fine Lines / Lip Lines

"Barcode Lines" are the parallel vertical lines that run up and down the length of the upper and/or lower lip. These types of lip wrinkles are often fairly shallow and fine but do deepen with age.

"Smokers Lines" are the parallel vertical lines that fan out from above the upper lip and/or below the lower lip towards the nose and chin, respectively. They are often confused with Marionette Lines, which form parentheses on the jaw from the outer corners of the lips to the chin—treated with Dermal Filler.

$750+ per syringe

Chin Filler

Chin Filler is a non-surgical enhancement that uses dermal filler to redefine and sculpt the shape of the chin area. Can Last up to 12 month.

$750 per syringe

Gummy Smile

Neurotoxin is injected into muscles to relax the upper lip and show less gums when smiling.

$100 per treatment

Love this place! Great customer service and care. Have been going for years

- Evelyn Ortiz

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