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Boost your natural beauty with tinting – it's like putting on the perfect accessory for your brows and lashes. Effortless, subtle, and all about enhancing what you already have.


Eyebrow Thread + Tint - $40

Brow Tinting - $25

Lash Tinting - $25



Wonderful service, professional and did a terrific job threading/tinting my eyebrows. Will definitely visit them again!

- Lynn Risen

Why Tinting?

  • Effortless Definition: Tinting effortlessly adds definition to your eyebrows and eyelashes, giving them a naturally fuller and more pronounced look without daily makeup application.

  • Time-Saving Elegance: Say goodbye to the hassle of daily mascara or brow pencil rituals. Tinting provides a longer-lasting solution, saving you precious time in your beauty routine.

  • Natural Embrace: Tinting allows you to enhance your natural beauty, subtly deepening the color of your brows and lashes without looking overly done.

  • Perfectly Coordinated: Achieve a harmonious and coordinated look with tinting. Tint your brows and lashes to go with your hair color, creating a seamless and polished appearance.

  • Vacation-Ready: Imagine waking up on vacation with defined, hassle-free eyes. Tinting is the secret to a beach-ready look without the worry of smudged mascara or faded brows.

  • Subtle Confidence Boost: Tinting provides a subtle yet impactful confidence boost. Enjoy a refreshed and groomed appearance that makes you feel ready to take on the day.

  • Low Maintenance, High Impact: Tinting is the low-maintenance solution for high-impact beauty. Embrace the simplicity of waking up to effortlessly defined eyes every day.

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